In this co-operative domain, you need to as a group play cards of each of the 5 suits in sequence from 1 to 5. You cannot see the contents of your hand, but know what cards are present in the deck and the cards currently contained in the other player's hands.

On your turn you may choose to either:

In order to point out a card, you must be able to identify at least one card of that kind - for example, you cannot say, "You have no red cards". You are also not permitted to lie about the cards and must identify all cards of the given suit or value in that player's hand.

If you choose to play a card, and it is the next in sequence, you will gain a point. If you play a card and it is not the next in sequence, you will lose a life. If you lose all of your starting lives the game will be over and the score you obtained so far will be the score that is recorded for the team.


Deck contents

For each suit, the deck contains:

Ending the game

The game ends when:

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