Getting Started

This guide will walk you though the process of creating an agent for the competition

Package up submission

Before you can submit your agent, you need to package it up as a zip file

Compress the pom and src folder

Create a zip file containing the pom.xml and src folder

Name your Zip

The zip file name doesn't matter - but naming it after your agent is a good idea. The file must be a zip file (not rar, 7z or tar.gz).

Check Zip structure

The zip file should have the pom.xml file and src in the root of the zip file. There must not be in a subdirectory in the zip file.

Upload to Comet

Now you can upload your submission to Comet.

View your submission

Navigate to the competitions page and find the track you are submitting to. Select 'View Submission' to go to your submission. If the button says, 'enter', follow the steps on the 'creating an account' page.

Click 'upload view version' on your submission

On the right hand side of your agent's page, there will be a button for uploading new versions. You can also edit your agents's details from this page.

Click the browse button

The form is fairly self-explanitory, click the browse button and find the zip file.

Click the Upload Revision button

The name of your zip file should be listed now. Click the upload revision button to complete the upload. Depending on server load, this could take a few seconds.

Check the version is listed

Your submission should now be on the server. The status will be 'build pending', indicating that the server hasn't built the submission yet. This is done in the background and you can safely close the page. In the event of build failure, you can click on the pipeline images for the build log.

Congratulations, you've submitted your agent!